Works of Material Art On View at The Bass

A new exhibition of contemporary installations by artist Kerry Phillips at The Bass explores the possibilities of discarded objects


Miami artist Kerry Phillips grew up with one grandmother with a penchant for collecting things and another who was a superior raconteur, a fact that would greatly influence her approach to creating contemporary sculptures and installations using materials available at a specific place and time. This spirit of collectivity and storytelling is at the heart of Between the Mundane and the Miraculous (August 17 to October 22), a new exhibition at The Bass in Miami Beach that features a site-specific universe made up of discarded dressers, lamps, jars, the contents of drawers, fabrics, and other scavenged objects. The point of it all? What Phillips calls an “exchange of value, an understanding of the importance and limitations of memory and representing the vitality of playfulness.” 

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Photos courtesy of The Bass / Kerry Phillips

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