The Look: Cottagecore

Embrace this trending aesthetic that exudes the pastoral comforts of home

Matouk's Pomegranate duvet
Matouk’s Pomegranate duvet

If the hustle and bustle of daily life has you dreaming of moving to a simpler existence (perhaps somewhere deep in the countryside), then you understand the allure of Cottagecore. The romanticized aesthetic is trending—thanks, in part, to our time spent in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic, embracing comfort over complexity, and homebound hobbies (sourdough starter, anyone?).

Braid & Wood Design Studio's hanging air plant cradle
Braid & Wood Design Studio’s hanging air plant cradle.

Cottagecore has staying power, however, and it continues to influence interior design with its cozy, soft, natural feel. Forget minimalism: Cottagecore is all about layers—of weathered decorative accents and fabrics like botanicals, toiles, and chintz patterns and prints. Vintage pieces add a historical authenticity to the look, while items like dried herbs or canisters kept on kitchen countertops reflect the  kind of self-reliant lifestyle heralded by Cottagecore. The goal? To create an escapist hideaway that exudes the comfort and simplicity of idealized rural living.

You don’t have to believe in the “happily ever after” to go for a Cottagecore vibe—you just have to embrace the “once upon a time.” If you’re thinking of trying the trend on for size, here are three easy ways to dip your proverbial toe in the Cottagecore waters.

Indoor Plants and Gardening

Bringing the outdoors in with living plants is an easy way to highlight nature, soften a space, and up your Cottagecore quotient. Be sure to choose plants that match the daily sun available in the spots you select.

No shelves to put your plants on? Consider elevating your leafy friends with plant hangers from Braid & Wood Design Studio. Those with a DIY spirit and green thumb can also opt for terrariums. Not only does the creation process feed into a Cottagecore self-sufficiency, the eye-catching end result is living art.

Town Country Coast in Palm Beach is an oasis of comfort and Cottagecore
Town Country Coast in Palm Beach is an oasis of comfort and Cottagecore.

Something Old, Something New

Interspersing vintage pieces in your overall design will help your look be truly authentic and unique. Go treasure hunting at local vintage and consignment furniture spots to find items that speak to you. Be on the lookout for big pieces (farmhouse tables, rocking chairs) as well as small accents (watering cans, baskets) that will help you build the overall aesthetic. 

In terms of new pieces, natural materials in warm tones are key. Both stone and wood fit that bill, as well as organic fabric and upholstery in patterns like toile and plaid. Feel free to pursue a more traditional Cottagecore look or a modern interpretation of the style—there are no strict rules when it comes to this trend.

Braid & Wood Design Studio plant hanger
Braid & Wood Design Studio plant hanger

Think Botanical

Look for pieces that celebrate nature. This includes subjects like wildflowers, butterflies, mushrooms, and other botanicals. Anna Weatherley’s hand-painted dinnerware frequently draws inspiration from these subjects. Don’t be afraid to mix collections and patterns—it all speaks to the ease of Cottagecore. 

For those adverse to long-term commitment, consider a change in bedding. Letting your duvet run wild with flora, like Matouk’s Pomegranate duvet, can instantly awaken your bedroom with a Cottagecore vibe. 

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