Lisu Vega Brings an Artistic Touch to Design

Designer Lisu Vega’s art of textiles weaves its way through fashion, furniture, and interior design


Creating sustainable pieces with an artist’s eye, Venezuelan-born fashion designer Lisu Vega styles functional and versatile garments that are also gender fluid. “Every print is made by me, every collection is curated to create pieces with organic cuts to fit every single body,” she says. “I am an artist and I explore the textiles, the fibers that shape my sculptural, one-of-a-kind pieces.” 

Having honed her skill at the knee of her grandmother — a seamstress that shared knowledge of ancient weaving techniques passed down through her Wayuu heritage — Vega extends an artistic approach with the string and takes it to the dress. “Working with vintage clothes and sustainable materials is currently a huge fashion trend,” the designer says. “One that easily translates to the world of interior design, where there’s a focus on creating warm ambients.” In her own residence, she has created a welcoming personal space with restored furnishings, mixed media art and reusable textiles. Her element of expression extends creatively from the dress to the home. 

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Text by Kim Mosley

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