Kitchen Reverential

The home’s heart is given its due at Sarasota’s Lineadecor


There’s something about a kitchen showroom that gets our imaginations going. It’s hard not to envision what great chefs we’d become as we peruse next-generation ranges that can handle the most complicated of recipes. The idea of Champagne chilling in the sleek stainless steel refrigerator for the dinner parties we’d surely host brings a smile to our faces. We fantasize about the Marie Kondo precision we’d implement inside our African mahogany cabinets. In short, we dream—just what good design should help us do.

These pleasurable scenarios as we conjure up the kitchen of our dreams are par for the course at Sarasota’s Lineadecor, a Turkey-made brand that’s been active in the U.S. market since 2010 and on the global stage since 1991. The company’s first Florida showroom, within Fibrocon at Clark Center Avenue, is part of a U.S. expansion and a commitment to work closer with the Gulf Coast’s design and real estate communities. Through displays and vignettes, the location offers new kitchen and product features, innovations in kitchen design and technology, and an array of luxury items.

It is here where customers can discover Lineadecor’s various kitchen models, which appear to have all styles covered. For the classicist, the Sera is informed by European paintings with reflective silver surfaces and precious stone sparkle. For the modernist, the Otto’s blend of brushed textures and metallic qualities speak to contemporary proclivities. And for those with tastes somewhere in between, the Mona’s familiar lines and precious details strike the perfect balance. As for the personal moments in them? That’s entirely up to you.

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Text by Luis R. Rigual 

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