FD Asks: Q&A with Wendy Berry

The head of the award-winning W Design firm offers expert insights into the year's notable design trends


Designer Wendy Berry of W Design Recognized for her attention to detail and sophisticated design approach, Wendy Berry’s award-winning firm—W Design—specializes in high-end residential and commercial interior design projects. With offices in Cleveland, Ohio and Naples, Florida, the W Design team has been providing clients with a full range of interior design services for over 20 years. Berry’s designs capture a signature functional elegance, ranging from a Mountain Modern Colorado home to a seaside penthouse in Florida. Her mission: to provide a unique lifestyle experience with comfort, quality, and beauty.

Q: What textures and colors are trending now?

A: For 2021 we have been loving the juxtaposition of organic earth elements with modern elements. We love the mix of neutrals/natural colors found in nature with more moody tones. We love building off a foundation of calm warm tones such a taupe and cream and then finding that stand out color or material. Adding texture on the wall is something we find can transform the feeling of a space. Whether we choose a textural wallcovering or a custom plaster effect this detail helps take a simple wall and add movement, and depth. For color it’s important to play off of our beautiful Florida foliage. Beautiful blues and deep greens give us the costal feelings we love. We also have been loving the organic rusts, burnt hues and brown tones. We want spaces to welcome you; we like to say “livable luxury” at W Design.

Interior living room space by Wendy Berry

Q: How do you create today’s multifunctional spaces into your designs?

A: We have been focusing on maximizing living spaces for our clients. With more people working from home, the desire to have comfortable-yet-efficient workspaces has been important. Adding built-ins to a den for additional storage, a desk to a guest suite or a den, adding an additional work station to a butler’s pantry, customizing work spaces, and making spaces multifunctional is an important focus for this season.

Interior by Wendy BerryQ: What key elements should homeowners be paying attention to now?

A: While every design element is important—from the building plans to the last accessory placed is part of the final picture—one area that we find very important is the architectural design. This anchors the overall space. This would be the ceilings, stains, flooring, and stone. It’s such a huge part of the space and the process. This sets an overall tone and color story for the home. How a wood species and tone reads in a space with the flooring, lighting, and fabrics truly anchors a design. Other elements in the room can be swapped out over time and changed, moved, rotated, but these are more permanent fixtures in the space.

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