Eye on Art

The spotlight is on six Florida-based artists whose masterpieces make statements in the studio and the home


Sunset Bloom, Dynamic Cosmos, Rick Eggert

Rick Eggert, an award-winning glass artist, is best known for his signature “Dynamic Cosmos” series that explores notions of creation and the nature of the universe. Typically expressed as “frozen time” or stages of time, each sculpture embraces movement, change and growth to illustrate the way motion sums up the cosmos succinctly. studioegallery.com
The Same as You, Anna Kincaide

Anna Kincaide’s stylized figurative paintings have found their way into collections nationwide. “My strongest inspirations are fashion and design, so this led to my idea of creating portraits of stylized women disguised by unconventional, floral-inspired hats,” she says. “I don’t rely on facial expression (her portraits are indeed anonymous … one does not see the eyes) to convey emotion like most figurative artists do. Instead I rely on gesture, clothing color and body language.” gardnercolbygallery.com

Orange Groves Forever, John Sterpe

John Sterpe delights in the beauty of his immediate environs … today, he is influenced by the seduction that is Florida’s landscapes. “I paint on canvas, and it is in this small part of the world God created that I am inspired to paint,” the artist says. “I wanted to keep these images with me, and to show people where I was going and what I was seeing. With that in mind, I began to put these images down on canvas. paintingsofflorida.com

Alexandra, Fredy Villamil

Fredy Villamil creates canvases with the robustness of design, a refined ease of expression and the diversity of vivid colors. Beneath the light-filled surfaces transformed by scarlet, aqua, emerald green, amethyst and topaz palettes crackling with the dynamic merger of fractured lines and colliding shapes; beyond the vibrant jewel-toned hues and overlapping forms lies a kaleidoscopic vision overrun by a proliferation of biomorphic shapes and organic forms that seem to have no beginning and no end, and be devoid of boundaries. onessimofineart.com; villamilartgallery.com

On the Road to Kenya, Sean Rush

Sean Rush is an internationally collected artist who celebrates the global community within his artwork as well as interior design. He has been an anchor in West Palm Beach’s Design District for 10 years and recently launched Nomad@SeanRush, an art gallery wine lounge that reaches out to the global traveler and welcomes conversations and experiences that only this creative adventurer can offer. 

Desert Fire, Mark Dickson

Mark Dickson’s love for metal of all types becomes instantly transparent upon viewing his unique sculptures. Welding, forging and casting, the artist reassigns beauty, power and meaning to both found and raw materials.  “For me, it’s all about the entanglement, the heat, sweat, smoke, and the challenge of steel and fire as I explore and push the boundaries of the medium,” Dickson says. 


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