Design Evolution at Fanny Haim Atelier

A new endeavor from designers Fanny and Michelle Haim marks a full-circle moment for their studio


One can say Fanny Haim Atelier, the new arm of mother-and-daughter Fanny and Michelle Haim’s interior design studio, was born out of necessity.

      After a trip to Japan in 2015, the two Miami-based designers began to envision pieces reflective of the Asian country’s colors, rhythms, and textures that would complement their home installations. But where to find them? An industry colleague offered a solution: Why not pair up with the top-tier brands they worked with and design those items to their specifications? Why not, indeed?

Eight years later, Fanny Haim Atelier is the sum of those efforts, an assemblage of furniture, accessories, textiles, and rugs envisioned by both Fanny and Michelle, and executed by the likes of Jean de Merry, Stark Carpet, Holland & Sherry Interiors, and J Nelson.

“My favorite piece is our Kaiteki chaise,” says Fanny. “It has a quiet dignity.” For her part, Michelle is enamored with the Natura Collection linens by Holland & Sherry, noting their embossed details and natural colorways. Lines to come include outdoor and tile collections.

As of press time, the Haims were still working out the details of the 1,800-square-foot space in Little River that will serve as a showcase for this new endeavor (complete with an interactive library of textiles and finishes, as well as displays of the collections). In the meantime, the Atelier pieces will have robust online presence and availability through the aforementioned brands’ showrooms.

Four decades after setting roots in Miami, Fanny is proud and excited about this organic brand evolution, and the fact that she gets to see it come to fruition alongside her daughter (a Parsons graduate who once didn’t know if design was for her) makes it extra special. “This is a smart move for us,” says Michelle without any note of apprehension. “Now that we’re in the product realm, it feels as [if our company has come] full circle.” 

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Text by Riki Altman-Yee

Photos courtesy of Fanny Haim Atelier

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