Custom Touches for the Home Office

For Palm Beach Gardens designer Jason Lynn, a home office wins when tailored specifically to its occupant’s needs


Florida Design: When the pandemic forced so many of us to work from our houses and then working remotely became the norm, it seems the home office went from a luxury to a must. Did you notice such a request among your clients?

Jason Lynn: Yes. As a result of the pandemic, there was indeed a surge in demand to set up home offices, especially ones where both spouses could do their jobs individually. And as meetings moved online, more of our clients wanted dedicated spaces to conduct virtual communications. 

Home offices are so individual. What are some of the design hallmarks you keep in mind?

We tailor them to each client’s specific needs. For example, most require a large table to review documents or surface room for several monitors to keep tabs on the market. Home offices must be aesthetically pleasing and fit their location. 

But how do you keep them from being too cold, like corporate versions?

We install all the bells and whistles to conduct business as usual, but allow for a softer feel with textures, soft tones, and wall paneling to absorb sound.

How do you approach organization and storage?

Based on whether the person is right- or left-handed, we ensure organizational elements are nearby. We conceal machinery as much as possible to maintain tidiness. And we always take into account the angle that others will see behind our client when talking to him or her during virtual meetings.

Finally, what’s key when it comes to ornamentation?

It should be minimal but personal and celebrate a person’s life and career success. That’s why family photos, diplomas, and awards are great here. 

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Text by Christopher Day

Photos courtesy of Decorators Unlimited

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