Creative Approach at Tomás Redrado Art

Tomás Redrado brings a new voice to Miami’s gallery scene


Tomás Redrado is fast becoming one of Miami’s most gregarious gallerists. At the new Tomás Redrado Art in Little River, the Argentina native says he’s dedicated to promoting the work of both emerging and established artists while actively engaging with Miami’s local art scene. So far, programming at the space has focused on a monthly rotation of artists that have included Paris Kain, Gabriela Ayza Aschmann, Miranda Makaroff, François Thevenet, Santiago Paredes, and Brigette Hoffman. “I’ve been lucky enough to travel from a very young age and go to the most important museums in the world,” says Redrado. “I think all of that opens your mind. I’ve always liked art and had the fantasy of exporting culture, so I want to be a cultural bridge builder.” 

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Compiled by Luis R. Rigual

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