A New Leaf with Verde Vertical

No room to make your garden grow? Try going vertical.


At the intersection of architecture, nature, and art, lies the world of vertical gardens—installations of plants that seem to grow from the walls. Talita Gutierrez, founder of São Paulo- and Miami-based Verde Vertical, has been transforming residential and commercial spaces with these organic mosaics since 2010. 

Gutierrez’s designs employ a different palette of plants designed for each project—from free-growing organic to manicured contemporary. Gutierrez takes the recipe for successful plant growth—light, water, and fertilizer—and turns it into something extraordinary. 

“When plants are in a vertical position, you have to consider the way they’re getting sun, wind, sea salt, and irrigation, as well as how they interact with each other,” she says. 

Biocompatibility and sustainability are priorities; Gutierrez selects species that are found in the same ecosystem, and uses components derived from recycled material. “Every garden of ours has the smallest impact on the footprint possible.” The best part? They get more beautiful as they grow and mature. “They’re like paintings that reveal their composition over time,” Gutierrez says. 

Story Credits: 

Text by Abigail Duffy

Photography by Talita Gutierrez, Juliana Magalhães, and Evelyn Müller

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