Jamali Art

A New Gallery In Brickell City Centre Gives Art Connoisseurs The Privileged Opportunity To View Some Extremely Rare Masterpieces — And If The Timing Is Right — Meet The Artist Himself


Among the most collected artists for original paintings in the world, Jamali’s oeuvre, Mystical Expressionism, has earned international renown for innovative techniques and powerful beauty. His works exhibit unique surfaces, mystical and seemingly ancient, archeological qualities. Jamali works in several other mediums including pastels and oils, and he has been sculpting for 35 years in bronze, stone, wood, clay and plaster.

On the eve of the release of his long-awaited, 580-page memoire, Jamali opened his new Jamali Gallery, Brickell City Centre with a priceless collection that showcases a 50-year retrospective of seminal masterpieces, including works by internationally acclaimed artist Karen Salicath Jamali, his wife. For information, call 305/400-0505 or visit www.jamali.com.

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Text: Kim Mosley

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