Nicole White on Her Signature Style

A collaboration with TOV Furniture allows Miami-based designer Nicole White to honor her heritage and lineage


Q. Your contribution to the Voice Collection for TOV has an interesting and personal backstory. Can you tell us about it?

TOV saw a lack of collaborative opportunities being given to Black designers in the industry and stepped up to the plate to change that. It tapped six designers to develop lines and I was one of them. I hope other brands take note and offer similar opportunities.

Q. How did it work?

We were asked to design anything we wanted, but it was no easy task as it took months to settle on what the pieces would be. We also went through a lot of revisions, and it was all done virtually as Covid made it impossible to meet with the team.

Q. What can you tell us about your particular collection?

Each piece in my collection is connected to my lineage. The Enid chair is named for my maternal grandmother who turned 91 in June. She is a fashionista and I very much owe my fashion sensibilities to her. The Mavis bench is named for my paternal grandmother who died last year at the age of 98, so I’m saddened she didn’t live to see it. And lastly, the Ajani ottoman is named for my son Xavier, whose spirit embodies us all.

Q. Do you have a particular favorite piece?

Oh, no! That’s like asking me to choose a favorite child. I do have favorite things about each one. The unexpected leopard print on the back of the Enid chair is a surprise element if you’re viewing the chair from the front. I also like the Art Deco arches on the Mavis bench, which was inspired by a favorite brass necklace of mine, and I love the brass and fringe detail on the Ajani ottoman, which is playful and whimsical.

Q. Are these types of collaborations something you want to partake in more going forward?

Absolutely! This [experience] has opened my eyes to the endless world of collaborations in the design industry and we’re excited to explore more with several brands in the future.

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