Classical Design for Artefacto

Designer Patricia Anastassiadis looks to ancient Greece for her latest Artefacto collection


For her fifth collection for Brazilian brand Artefacto, designer Patricia Anastassiadis let herself be inspired by the Greece of Socrates and Homer, a time in history, when, as she puts it, “humanity was able to transform nature through balance and rationality, by having an intense connection to it.” Psyche introduces 12 new pieces to the Artefacto inventory, including standouts such as the Thalia side tables (which combine natural rocks in a glossy finish), the Daphne chair (which can have pleats or be left smooth), and the Midas coffee table (made with natural stone and a top covered in leather). “I wanted to create a more curvilinear and loose relationship with the upholstery, using freer elements, but embracing the simplicity of the designs,” says Anastassiadis. “But these pieces are about more than just ergonomic design; I want them to encourage people to talk and interact with each other, which was the basis of Greek civilization.”

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Photo by Luis R. Rigual

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