Awe and Order with Ornare

Ornare’s new Timeless system makes a case for everlasting organization


True organization can be a fleeting feature in our homes. How many times have we spent days establishing order (in a closet, a kitchen, the office…) only to see it crumble into chaos later? For tidiness to last, a system needs to be in place.

That’s where Ornare’s new Timeless collection comes in. Introduced at the spring 2024 edition of Salone, the line is a godsend for everything-in-its-proper-place types. Conceived by artistic director Vivian Coser and Studio Ornare CEO Murillo Schattan, and made of certified solid wood, Timeless offers ergonomically smart systems that cover the wardrobe (Timeless Closet and Timeless Rack), grooming and primping (Timeless Beauty), socializing at home (Timeless Bar), and one-off features to enhance certain areas of the house: the Timeless Edge Desk for the office and the Timeless Island for the kitchen. Within these categories, there are multiple cabinetry options to choose from and customized detailing that includes leather, fabrics, metals, straw, blades, and color. The hallmark of the Timeless compositions are their ventilated wood structures, which produce a light and shadow effect with organic forms. To showcase the concept, Ornare’s Miami showroom in the Design District recently underwent a display transformation, with vignettes that now focus on the various Timeless setups.

“The Timeless collection portrays a design full of presence,” says Claudio Faria, Ornare Miami’s CEO. “It’s a sober line that will last for generations.”

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Text by Christopher Day

Photos courtesy of Ornare

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