Q&A with Designer Judith Liegeois

When it comes to color, designer Judith Liegeois lets clients’ art collections lead the way


What is your overall approach to color in any interior design commission?

First, we have to make sure the strength of color is one that the client can happily live with. Then, the colors chosen have to complement one another, both in value and balance. Just like proportions affect furnishings, the same theory applies to color. 

Do you find that many homeowners are apprehensive about color?

I haven’t found that to be the case with ours. Their choice of art usually leads the way when it comes to the color selections inside their homes. 

In terms of palette, what are your Florida clients asking for these days?

Green in different shades. I particularly love using beautiful greens with white for a crisp, clean look. And I also love the moody types of green, like when the shades veer into olive and darker. There are endless possibilities with green because it’s so versatile.

Is there a color you use more often than others?

That all varies from job to job. Each one is different. 

Is there a particular shade you stay away from when it comes to interior design?

Red. It signifies too many emotions. It’s danger, it’s romance, it’s this, it’s that. I don’t mind a pop of red, but I never use it as a base. 

What’s your own favorite color for the home?

Varied shades of blue. They remind me of my summers growing up on the coast of New Zealand. 

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