Q&A with Designer Christopher Coleman

Red, yellow, and blue are just three of the power shades in designer Christopher Coleman’s color arsenal


FD: What’s your overall approach when it comes to color and interior design?

CC: We go for the bold. We consider where color will get attention, start a conversation, and have the most impact. 

Do you believe color affects mood as much as we’ve been told it does?

Yes, it’s very true. How can you not be happy having coffee in a sunburst yellow breakfast room?

Why do so many homeowners play it safe when it comes to palette?

We all fear what we don’t know, so color is usually relegated to the kids’ rooms. We typically reassure clients by painting a 24-by-24-inch square on the wall and then ask them to live with it for a few days.

What shades do you use most often and why?

We tend to use black, green, and blue very regularly. Black is power. Green reduces stress. Blue is soothing. 

What colors are your clients in Florida asking for these days?

Believe it or not, clients here in Florida ask for too much beige, and occasionally green. 

Is there a shade to stay away from inside a residence?

I don’t think so. We believe it’s all about the right amount and where it’s used.

What’s your favorite color to work with?

That’s hard to single out, but I do love black and yellow. 

Story Credits:

Text by Christopher Day

Photos courtesy of Sanchez Coleman Studio

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