Q&A with Designer Amanda Lantz

The perfect study requires elegant essentials and brainy-yet-fun accessories


What’s your overall approach when incorporating color in a residential interior?

Foremost, the client needs to be all in. Once he or she approves, it’s all about layers. I prefer using shades of a particular color—with blue that would be navy to powder to cornflower. This layering approach looks more organic, effortless, and less repeated from room to room.

Do you believe color affects mood to the degree that the media tells us it does?

I do believe it! When gray was all the rage in design, I couldn’t understand it. Gray days are so depressing. Why bring that into your home? I’m glad we’ve since moved to other neutrals.

You’ve worked with some amazing art collections. What’s the key to incorporating colorful art in a home?

Don’t be afraid to hang it all together if you want to. Mix large with small, silver frames with gold frames, make it your own style. Additionally, pull some of those colors from the art into the center of the room; this helps to ground spaces.

What are your clients asking for in terms of palette these days?

Shades of green are huge right now, which I adore. Celery, olive, hunter, emerald, the list goes on and on. Green is a good place to start for someone who’s afraid of color. Many clients love blue as well, and we work within that range a ton.

What color do you like to surround yourself with at home and why?

In my life, I use lots of pink. This is thanks to my grandmother, Eileen. Her home was a beautiful shade of pink and I grew up loving it. I pair it mostly with neutrals and a touch of blue here and there.

Is there a color to stay away from in your opinion?

Not really. There is a time and place for every color.

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Text by Christopher Day

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