Artist at Heart: Anna Bond

A nod to the past but feeling very bold and new, rifle Paper Co. partners with Loloi to create a striking dreamscape for the home


With an eye for fantasy, artist and co-founder of Rifle Paper Co. Anna Bond dazzles with bold blooming petals and confident brushstrokes that sneak into the everyday. And now, Rifle’s collaboration with Loloi sees Bond’s work on its largest canvas yet. For the first time, the collections include indoor/outdoor rugs along with new motifs such a suzanis, jacquards, and geometric patterns reflecting the artist’s touch.

     From her home studio in Florida, Bond dabbles with a fresh palette, tubes of paint, cups of brushes and now, textile samples. Transforming her painted work onto rug form was a learning experience. “One of the biggest challenges for me was scale,” she says. “I hand-paint my illustrations with gouache, and I typically paint products in the scale in which they will be produced. I was continually tweaking and leaning on Loloi’s expertise.” Not to worry though … everything Bond’s paintbrush touches comes alive. “Don’t take this whole life thing too seriously,” they seem to say. “Relax and make yourself at home.”  

Q: What drew you to becoming an artist and eventually co-founder of Rifle Paper Co.?

A: I grew up loving art, painting and stationery (I had a stamp collection and pretend card company when I was little). By the time Nathan and I were married, I was working as freelance illustrator and designer and starting to gain an online following. I soon realized that there wasn’t anything like my aesthetic in the stationery industry and began working on a line of products featuring my hand-painted gouache illustrations. We had no idea what we were doing at the time but have grown the business to a staff of over 150 with offices in Winter Park, Fla., and New York City.

Q: Why pillows and rugs?

A: I’ve always seen the artwork as the heart of the brand and dreamed that we would expand beyond our stationery roots. Pillows and rugs have a rich history of motifs and techniques, and both allow a beautiful canvas to bring artwork to life.

Q:  How did the relationship with Loloi develop?

A:  Loloi reached out to us about potentially working together and I immediately recognized their expertise and history in the industry. I think we both recognized that Rifle could bring something new and exciting to the world of rugs and pillows. It’s been incredible to have been given the opportunity to dream up that part of the Rifle world with them.

Q: What patterns for Loloi stand out for you?

A:  Some of my favorite designs we have created are the ones where we take traditional motifs or layouts and recreate them with our colorful illustrations. Our latest collection introduces indoor/outdoor rugs for the first time and I think those designs are a great example of that balance.

Q: Looking ahead, what are your plans for the future?

A:  We are dreaming up so many ideas for new products that range from home goods to accessories and gifts. We will continue to create products that are well-made, functional and bring joy to the everyday.

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Text by Kim Mosley

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