The Sea Inside

West Palm Beach’s GW Showroom turns the focus on the underwater photography of Chris Leidy


Adventurer Chris Leidy has swam his way across the world as an underwater photographer. His captivating photographs of austere landscapes, extraordinary natural phenomena, and rarely seen submarine animals and vegetation have won him praise among his peers and admiration from ocean lovers. That’s because through Leidy’s lens, coral reefs, schools of fish, and exotic urchins on a sandbank become something entirely new, intriguing, and fascinating. Leidy’s imagery will be on display at a new exhibition at the GW Showroom in West Palm Beach (running through April 30) that will focus on vibrant photographs captured during his explorations of the oceans of Micronesia, Papua New Guinea, and Tonga. Portions of the proceeds from any of the works sold during the run of the show will benefit West Palm Beach’s Cox Science Center and Aquarium and its marine research programs.

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Text by Luis R. Rigual

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