New Ravenna Celebrates 30 Years

The new Heritage collection honors the brand's three decades of mosaic moxie


New Ravenna can be counted on to release new collections on a regular basis, but the brand’s new Heritage line is special for multiple reasons. Heritage celebrates the mosaic maker’s thirtieth anniversary and features 14 designs handcrafted at the company’s Virginia headquarters from jewel glass and Glazed Basalto (the company’s proprietary volcanic stone) with brass and metallic accents. “The collection journeys through our three decades of design, innovation, and craftsmanship by reinterpreting our most popular patterns and textures,” says Creative Director Cean Irminger. To that end, the categories under the collection include History, which honors the first 10 years when the brand was inspired by mosaics in the Roman African tradition, Texture, which celebrates New Ravenna’s second decade and its foray into Venetian techniques, and Color, a nod to the last 10 years when the focus has been on ombré blends and other shade innovations. Depending on the material, Heritage’s mosaics can be installed on walls and floors, indoors and out. 

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Text by Luis R. Rigual

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