Bath Time

The home’s most private sanctum gets its due with new products and innovations that make bath rituals a pleasure


Celestia tub by Bain Ultra

With its feminine and ethereal lines, the Celestia tub by Bain Ultra is heavenly indeed. Without compromising ergonomics or bather comfort, the piece is no mere bathroom standard; this is a work of art.

Aromatherapy shower by Moen

The purpose of the aromatherapy shower by Moen is to relax and rejuvenate. The system allows users to control water pressure, as well as infuse their shower with essential oils and spa-inspired fragrances. Me-time has just upped the ante.

Leg shower by Dornbracht

Designed with the health-conscious in mind, the leg shower by Dornbracht contributes to improved circulation in the lower extremities, can revitalize the body after a workout, and even give the immune system a boost.

The SmartControl panel by Grohe

Shower time is officially longer. The SmartControl panel by Grohe allows users to choose from a variety of water sprays, as well as control the water volume and temperature down to the specific degree.

Billie Ombré tile by Ceramic Matrix

An ode to jazz legend Billie Holiday, the Billie Ombré tile by Ceramic Matrix traces the chanteuse’s trademark melodic vocalizations along a wave of colored glass that changes tonalities from a glistening navy to a cool sky.

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Text by Luis R. Rigual

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