Traditional Meets Modern in a Waterfront Home

One Inspired Designer Becomes A Passionate Force By Creating Art In Harmonious Interiors


Award-winning interior designer Alene Workman, armed with her detailed plans and color scheme, infused this existing traditional waterfront home with modern elements. The team updated lighting, incorporated a new color palette, replaced all furnishings with unique pieces, and highlighted an outstanding modern art collection to reflect the owners’ vision of a relaxed, creatively inspired home.

“I start by creating an architecturally, interesting background,” the designer says. “Sometimes the ‘bones’ of the structure incorporate custom ceiling designs with specialized lighting, bespoke doors, stairway designs or unique wall treatments. This sets the stage for our high quality, personalized furnishings.”   

Alene Workman Interior Design offers full service interior design on new construction and renovation, in homes or condominiums, guiding clients with 25 years of knowledge and experience. For more information, call 954/989-0898 or visit

Question: What sparked your passion for the world of interior design?

Answer: My passion for interior design evolved when I realized that my creative, artistic talents were in perfect harmony with the more structured training of interior design. I fell in love with the creative process of designing spaces that offered an endless palette. My life goal became clear – I could create art in interiors. I was smitten and went back to school for a degree in Interior Design. I have never looked back.

Question: What is the inspiration for your designs?

Answer: Inspiration is endless. It can be a client with an interesting art collection, or a structurally interesting space, a beautiful city, a meadow of breathtaking flowers, an architectural building, or a bespoke piece of furniture.  I am fortunate to see new and beautiful inspirations all around me.

Question: What do you strive to create when working on a project?

Answer: I strive to make each project unique … incorporating and anticipating my client’s needs and wants in ways that they cannot imagine themselves. We look to enrich their lifestyle in a well-edited, timeless design, with beautifully executed details and flawless results. Our clients gain trust in our designs, often becoming repeat clients over several years and projects.

Question: What makes Alene Workman Interior Design different from other interior design firms?

Answer: As leaders of the interior design process, we are our clients’ critical advocate that collaborates with all other professionals brought together on their behalf. Not only do we create each client’s design vision, but also every building block of the design is examined with extreme attention to detail to make sure it fits with the overall scheme. We act as the captain of their ship.

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Lisa Scott and Alene Workman, Fort Lauderdale, FL

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