Classic Coastal Elegance in Park Shore Home

After conjuring up the ideal Park Shore clients, an imaginative designer delivers the coastal residence of their dreams


Carte blanche are the sweetest two words an interior designer can hear when charged with a new commission. 

Just ask Liz Brown with Calusa Bay, who was hired to oversee the interiors of a 6,600-square-foot spec house by Toscana Homes in Naples’ Park Shore community and given free rein over the project. The developer’s directive? Do what you do best. “It’s wonderful to have that trust,” says Brown, who worked on the residence with Randi Scott. “Being creative is much, much easier where there are no constraints.”

As there was no homeowner to speak of, Brown had to imagine the client who would want a residence in one of Naples’ most desirable neighborhoods. As it turned out, that fictitious character wasn’t too different from the real ones Brown usually caters to.       

“Because of the neighborhood the home is in, I knew the clients would probably be a couple with a family, and that they’d want a coastal lifestyle because of the house’s location, which is on the water and close to the beach,” says the designer. “The place is on a main waterway, so I pictured them as boat owners. And I figured this would be a second residence and that their priority would be easy indoor/outdoor living. That gave me plenty to go on.” 

With all that background, Brown decided the five-bedroom, open-plan residence would best be served by a convivial layout with plenty of nooks where the family could gather by themselves and with guests, as well as with discreet spots for quiet alone time and relaxation. A subtle classic coastal design informed by contemporary ideas and organic textures was the way to go. To that end, Brown sought to infuse inviting wood details throughout the house, and her design team drew inspiration from the European oak flooring, echoing the wood on feature walls, ceilings, and even the stairwell. 

“Pure coastal design has a lot of detail, with tongue-and-groove beams and white millwork everywhere,” says Brown. “We scaled some of that back and opted for simple wood beams to create visual interest on the ceiling of the main living area.”

Because the two-story home is surrounded by lush tropical greenery and water, Brown opted for a neutral palette and simple details that would not detract from the picturesque views and abundant light. Cream, white, tan, and brown are the dominant hues throughout the footprint, while well-considered pops of black and blue infuse the interior with pattern, movement, and a reminder of the outdoors when needed. “We wanted to focus on light, bright, and blue tones because when you look outside you can see the pool and the water,” says Brown, “and we wanted to bring that exterior essence in.”

On the ground floor, the entryway leads to an open and spacious great room and a kitchen and dining area that overlook the patio’s pool and beyond to the waterway. Brown wanted these areas to have a comfortable ambiance, so a plush sectional was chosen yet positioned in a way that would not block the vistas. Throughout the house, furniture and accessories were selected to ground the voluminous spaces. Organic textures on area rugs, ottomans, and even mirror frames in some cases introduce warmth and visual interest. 

Although some owners might shy away from white upholstery, this place is full of it—albeit in the form of high-performance, easy-to-clean fabrics that can withstand all sorts of spills and accidents. “Functionality was front of mind in all our decisions,” says Brown. “We want potential buyers to imagine they can use every single space without fear.” On both levels, the home opens to vast alfresco living spaces outfitted with wood furniture that mirrors the style of the interior pieces. 

So, how did Brown’s make-believe homeowner work out for the home’s design appeal in the end? “I’m told people are loving it,” says the designer. “The builder says it won’t take long for an offer to be made, so I couldn’t ask for a better endorsement.”

Story Credits:

Interior Design by Liz Brown, Calusa Bay Design, Naples, FL

Text by Paige Bowers

Photography by Diana Todorova, Miami, FL

Open to see Interior Design Sources:


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