Wow Factor Abounds in Park Grove Condo

A husband and wife find their groove in a heavily customized sky residence atop Coconut Grove’s most exclusive tower


Trading South Beach for Coconut Grove gave a gregarious Miami couple the jolt of energy they needed to recharge the next chapter of their lives. Of course, their chosen locale has had much to do with their reinvigorating new beginning. At Park Grove, the dynamic three-tower development conceived by starchitect Rem Koolhaas, the empty nesters opted for a 3,356-square-foot convex unit with views of the water as far as the eye can see.

The open-layout construction of the condominium cleared the path for Miami’s Sire Design, a studio led by Eilyn Jimenez, to fulfill all the musts in the homeowners’ wish list: two master suites with separate lounge areas, a next-generation kitchen conducive to entertaining, discreet yet ample storage space, and optimal views from just about anywhere inside the residence.

Jimenez’s dedication to deliver a practical home with wow-factor is evident from the moment one walks through the door and comes face to face with the massive backlit wine wall, a shrine to the husband’s love for the vine. Behind tall brass-framed glass doors that had to be carried up 32 flights of stairs are 30 imported bottles of reds imported from Italy and cradled within custom-shaped brass rings. This custom feature would be commanding in any setting, but more so here when juxtaposed near the rather casual family room, a fact that’s not lost on Jimenez. “It’s a reflection of the owners’ personalities and the way they live,” she says. “They are well-traveled and sophisticated, but they’re also fun people. This place tells their story.”

In terms of ornamenting the apartment, Jimenez opted to work with the building’s complex curvature rather than fight it, and selected furniture to enhance the home’s water and city views—all the while infusing her layering approach along the way. This meant decorative lighting to crown 12-foot ceilings, muted colorways with natural earth tones, eye-catching woodwork, and brass accents here and there. In the living room, textures run from smooth to glossy, soft to hard, with color combinations of caramel and gray that shouldn’t work yet do. 

The dining area reveals more signature Jimenez touches in the form of a bronze mirrored bar enclosed with a sliding mesh door. The materials and colors bond with the backsplash in the nearby kitchen, as well as the sculptural Lee Broom chandelier atop the room. More customization is found in the primary bedroom with what Jimenez and her team dubbed the “pill wall,” a curved partition that descends from the ceiling, hides the media unit, and hovers over a marble base that conceals a fireplace. Within the large room, it creates an elegant barrier for the adjacent seating area and home office. It’s a feature that reminds us that although Jimenez’s well-heeled clients have seen plenty, they are always game for more.

“This is exactly the type of home they need for who they are; something low-maintenance that will stand the test of time,” says Jimenez. “It checks all the boxes.”

 Story Credits:

Interior Design by Eilyn Jimenez, Sire Design, Miami, FL

Text by Michelle Payer

Photography by Kris Tamburello, Miami, FL

Open to see Interior Design Sources:


Living Room

Sofa – Casa Dio, Miami, FL

Club chairs – Minotti, Miami, FL

Oval bench – Casa Dio, Miami, FL

Cocktail table – Minotti, Miami, FL 

Sofa back table – Casa Dio, Miami, FL

Wine Wall

Designed by Sire Design, Miami, FL, and fabricated by Selezione Interiors, Miami, FL

Leather sofa – Lema, Haute Living, Miami, FL


Black and red artwork – Owners’ collection

Bench – Holly Hunt, Miami, FL 

Dining Area & Kitchen

Cabinetry and island designed and fabricated by Italkraft, Miami, FL

Stools – RH,

Table – Robert Carpentry, Miami, FL

Chairs – Casa Dio, Miami, FL

Chandelier – Lee Broom,

Primary Bedroom

Bed & wall designed by Sire Design, Miami, FL, and fabricated by Casa Dio, Miami, FL

Bedside chests – Minotti, Miami, FL

Hanging pendants – Matthew McCormick Studio, Vancouver, BC

Artwork – Owners’ collection

Wall covering – Twill & Texture, Miami, FL

Floating column designed by Sire Design, Miami, FL, and fabricated by CH Construction Group, Miami, FL

Guest Bedroom Sitting Area

Curved sofa – Casa Dio, Miami, FL

Ottoman and side table – Article,

Shelving designed by Sire Design, Miami, FL, and fabricated by Selezione Interiors, Miami, FL


Architectural lighting – Apure Lighting, Miami, FL

Decorative lighting – The Lighting Studio Miami, Miami, FL

Wallpaper – Twill & Texture, Miami, FL

Area rugs custom designed by Sire Design Miami, FL 

Construction – CH Construction Group, Miami, FL

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