Preserving History in Brickell’s Nolan House

Take a look inside the restored home, which now serves as the sales gallery for the forthcoming The Residences at 1428 Brickell


More than a hundred years ago, Brickell’s Millionaire Row was inhabited by some of Miami’s wealthiest residents at mansions such as Nolan House, a three-story estate completed in 1926 for banker George E. Nolan and his family. Marked by its neoclassical architecture and distinguished by a two-story Corinthian portico, the property was a regular gathering place for the luminaries of the time, but the years had taken their toll on the structure. Back in 2021, developer Yamal Yidios, the CEO of Ytech, stepped in and purchased the site for $6 million and then went on to pour $20 million into a renovation spearheaded by Patricia Viel of ACPV Architects with advice from Dr. Paul George, HistoryMiami Museum’s preeminent historian. Recently, the address reopened as the sales gallery for The Residences at 1428 Brickell, Ytech’s forthcoming 70-story tower on Brickell Avenue. While the house’s exterior was meticulously restored to its original glory, the inside was completely reinvented with a new layout designed to reflect everything Residences at 1428 will offer residents once the building is completed in 2027. “I was proud to work with a firm like Ytech, which values the past [as it brings new projects to the neighborhood,]” says George. “Nolan House is one of the few remaining vestiges of an important foundational era for Brickell. Thanks to Ytech, I am sure it will continue to serve as a monument to the glory of Old Miami.”  

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