Organic Flow in Biscaya Island Home

Inspirations from nature drive the modern aesthetic of a residence in Surfside’s Biscaya Island


One of miami-dade’s most exclusive neighborhoods, Biscaya Island in Surfside sits in prime position as one of the favorite spots of wealthy homeowners from all over the world. An enchanting waterfront oasis coveted for its privacy, tropical ambiance, and ultra-luxurious vibe, the island attracts residents with its signature blend of exclusivity and natural beauty. It’s in said enclave where a bespoke dwelling embodies all those aforementioned attributes, resonating a fusion of nature-inspired serenity and the rejuvenating seclusion of a spa. Designed by Nicholas Gennari and Roberto Racy of Nar Design Studio in Miami, the home and its architectural features were custom curated to deliver the homeowner a contemporary and authentic sanctuary.

“Our client, a dedicated and busy professional, had a vision for his home that transcended the ordinary,” says Gennari. “He works in a leading role in the high-tech market, so he sought a space where he could relax, recharge, and connect with nature after long, demanding workdays. Our mission was clear: Create a contemporary yet welcoming and soothing haven, all while curating furniture selections that transmit the sophistication that a house of this price tag deserves.” 

The team prioritized generating a luxurious vibe with the sensation of a safe refuge that would embrace the user like a cave. At once a personal wellness retreat and an elegant entertaining space for guests, the residence incorporates a biomimetic spa environment, where nature converges affably with modern design and sophistication. To ensure a cohesive aesthetic throughout, Nar Design Studio created customized millwork, wall and window treatments, furniture, and accent lighting in every space. 

“From the cave-like entrance to the cenote-inspired dining room, this project encapsulates the restorative power of nature,” adds Racy, “offering a sanctuary that seamlessly blends relaxation with refined contemporary style. It serves as a testament to the importance of crafting homes that elevate our wellbeing in today’s fast-paced world.” 

Drawing inspiration from Africa’s famous savannas, the home’s earthy color palette creates a calming canvas of warm browns, soft beiges, and sandy neutrals. Deep green accents evoke the lushness of nature, while pops of gold and bronze emulate the sun’s warm touch. “This carefully chosen color scheme fosters a sense of tranquility, grounding the inhabitants in a soothing environment that effortlessly bridges the gap between the modern and the natural,” notes Gennari. “It harmonizes seamlessly with the nature-inspired elements woven throughout the home’s design.”

Upon stepping inside, one’s senses are immediately engaged by a dramatic double-height entrance with a glass ceiling. This design aesthetic merges gracefully with the great room’s parametric ceiling, an architectural feature inspired by the fluidity of water. Infinity mirror artworks above a curvilinear glass bench engender a compelling focal point that combines mystery and sophistication. Similarly, the dining room forms the epicenter of the retreat, drawing inspiration from mystical cenote caves. A custom rough stone wall by Nar Design Studio plays a central role in the aesthetic, exuding raw, organic beauty. “The design of this space is elevated by the refinement in every detail,” notes Racy. “It invites you to dine opulently while surrounded by nature’s allure.” 

The family room offers an island oasis of sheer relaxation, where a bold red lounge chair creates playful tension, producing the essence of carefree living. A plush white bouclé sofa finesses a gnarled tree-root coffee table, and a stunning live moss wall signifies a connection to the outdoors while enhancing the acoustics. Conceptualized to accommodate a 140-inch projection screen without compromising any windows, a custom media unit with a sliding door embraces functionality while preserving the design flow. 

“We think about how each space will be perceived in a very artistic and minimalist approach,” notes Gennari. “And we go deep on every construction detail, materiality, and design solution to ensure the results will be flawless—and that is truly rewarding.” 

Story Credits:

Interior Design by Nicholas Gennari & Roberto Racy, NAR Design Studio, Miami, FL

Text by Jeanne de Lathouder

Photography by Gabriel Volpi, Miami, FL

Open to see Interior Design Sources:



Glass bench – Naoto Fukasawa, Glass Italia,

Wall art – Timothy Oulton, New York, NY

Floor trunk sculpture – Phillips Collection,

Living Area

Curved lounge – Eda-Mame, Piero-Lissoni, B&B Italia, Miami, FL

Decorative chairs – Riddle, Piegatto,

Stone cocktail table – Philips Collection,

Ceiling treatment designed by Nar Design Studio, Miami, FL, and fabricated by Oliver Moveis, Miami, FL

Wall divider designed by Nar Design Studio, Miami, FL, and fabricated by Oliver Moveis, Miami, FL, and Velum Design, Miami, FL

Dining Room

Table – Kensigton, Jean-Marie Maussaud, Poliform, Miami, FL

Chairs – Rodolfo Dordoni, Poliform, Miami, FL

Stone wall designed by Nar Design Studio, Miami, FL, and fabricated by CH Construction, Miami, FL

Family Room

Sofa – Westside, Jean-Marie Maussaud, Poliform, Miami, FL

Cocktail table – Phillips Collection,

Vintage red chair and round ottoman – Up 2000 Series, Gaetano Pesce, B&B Italia, Miami, FL

Area rug – Harmony Studio, Miami, FL

Primary Bedroom

Bed – Tufty, Patricia Urquiola, B&B Italia, Miami, FL

Bedside nightstand – Sangiacomo,

Lineal hanging lighting – Navada, Eurofase,

Stone wallcovering designed by Nar Design Studio, Miami, FL, and fabricated by CH Construction, Miami, FL, and BKF Décor, Miami, FL 

Millwork, wall, headboard, and shelf system designed by Nar Design Studio, Miami, FL, and fabricated by Oliver Moveis, Miami, FL

Chair – Harmony Studio, Miami, FL

Floor lamp – Michael Anastassiades, Flos,

Area rug – Harmony Studio, Miami, FL


Interior builder – CH Construction, Miami, FL

Moss wall designed by Nar Design Studio, Miami, FL, and fabricated by Jailton Ribeiro, Miami, FL

Millwork designed by Nar Design Studio, Miami, FL, and fabricated by Oliver Moveis, Miami, FL

Indirect lighting – Nar Design Studio, Miami, FL, and Velum Design, Miami, FL

Stone – BKF Décor, Miami, FL

Window Treatments – Wall Boutique, Miami, FL

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