Modern Miami Condo Radiates Soft, Casual Elegance

A designer’s understated aesthetic and well-studied eye come in handy at a two-in-one sky residence in Miami Beach


Sometimes, a designer’s work speaks for itself. That’s what happened to a couple of Northeasterners when they encountered Studio RODA’s signature in the Miami Beach home of their neighbors during a casual gathering.

“The couple already owned a place in the building and lived on the same floor as our clients,” says Rodrigo Albir, Studio RODA’s founder. “As they walked in, they immediately fell in love with the interior design, and that same night they contacted me saying they were going to look for a similar unit and would love for Studio RODA to renovate it.”

A few weeks later, the couple had closed on two adjoining residences two floors down that yielded a total of 3,100 square feet, and, as promised, they called on Albir again. The project’s scope was a complete renovation in which both apartments needed to be joined seamlessly and not feel like separate units. One of the design team’s main challenges was to create a floor plan with effortless circulation flows within both apartments that focused on the breathtaking views of Biscayne Bay. Homeowners and designer decided the larger apartment would house the entertaining areas and guest quarters, while the adjacent space would contain the primary bedroom suite and a home office/library. Studio RODA partnered with Joeb Moore of Joeb Moore & Partners Architects, who became the project’s mentor collaborator. “Joeb has known the clients for years,” says the designer, “so it was a pleasure working with him to fine-tune the details to befit the owners’ lifestyle.”

Passionate about contemporary art, the couple has amassed an essential collection of established artists and continues seeking new rising talent to support as patrons. Hence, their request for quiet, monochromatic furniture and decorative accents that permitted the artwork to shine was a top priority. 

“We conceptualized a look composed of subtle architectural details in soothing tones of natural oak, warm whites, and grays,” says Albir. “We mixed in pale shades of cream and taupe with hints of champagne and black metal accents. The overall vision was to create a timeless design emitting a soft, casual elegance that allows the views and the art to become the showstoppers.”

Perhaps one of Albir’s most innovative solutions appears in the living area, where, during the construction process, they discovered an uncovered H-shaped water stack. After a few iterations, Studio RODA created a sculptural enhancement with a floating wall clad in mirror-polished stainless steel inspired by Mies van der Rohe’s chrome-plated columns on the Barcelona Pavilion. “It reflects everything around it and becomes a statement unto itself,” says Albir.

An awe-inspiring seasonal retreat where the couple loves to entertain, the apartment’s warm, modern aesthetic and expansive views make it an idyllic spot to take in the beauty of Miami evenings.

“My favorite memory is experiencing their continued happiness after living in this new apartment for several months,” notes Albir. “As designers, we get so caught up in the day-to-day, it’s very gratifying to realize all the energy invested in helping homeowners create a space that gives them joy and tranquility pays off.  It’s a great reminder of the impact design can have on people’s lives.”

Story Credits: 

Interior Design by Rodrigo Albir, Studio Roda, Miami, FL

Design & Architect Consultant Joeb Moore & Partners, Greenwich, CT

Text by Jeanne de Lathouder

Photography by Kris Tamburello, Miami, FL

Open to see Interior Design Sources:


Dining Room

Table designed by Studio RODA, Miami, FL, and fabricated by Decora Woodcraft, Miami, FL

Chairs – Eternity Modern, Irvine, CA

Decorative jars – Magnolia, Waco, TX

Living Area

Sofas – Nicholas Dodziuk, Design Within Reach, Miami, FL

Swivel chair – Yabu Pushelberg, Avenue Road, Miami, FL 

Cocktail table grouping– Cassina, New York, NY

Wicker stools – Wright Auction, Chicago, IL

Area rug – Woven, New York, NY


Cabinetry designed by Interius, Miami, FL, and fabricated by Ernestomeda, Montelabbate, Pesaro, Italy

Island designed by Interius, Miami, FL, and fabricated by Ernestomeda, Montelabbate, Pesaro, Italy

Back splash and island top – Opustone, Miami, FL 

Pendant lighting – Apure, Miami, FL 


Table – Marlieke Van Rossum, Avenue Road, Miami, FL

Chairs – Wright Auction, Chicago, IL

Powder Room

Marble wall designed by Studio RODA, Miami, FL, and fabricated by HALMAC, Miami, FL 

Primary Bedroom

Bed and headboard – Alivar, Arravanti, Miami, FL 

Bedside table – Sangiacomo, Arravanti, Miami, FL 

Wall arm sconce – Juniper, New York, NY


European oak wood floors – Storia, Miami, FL 

Architectural lighting fixtures – The Lighting Studio, Miami, FL 

Millwork fabricator – Bon Vivant, Miami, FL 

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