Modern Meets Organic in Aventura Family Home

A talented design firm balances different tastes and opinions to deliver a sophisticated family home for five in Aventura


After seeing 2id Interiors’ work on Instagram, a young couple from Israel approached company founders Rafaela Simoes and Laila Colvin for their unique point of view to help them  transform the home they’d just purchased at Presidential Estates in Aventura. The husband and wife also needed a bit of arbitration from the design team as they did not initially share the same vision for what was to become of it, beyond their desire to expand it from 3,000 to 4,300 square feet.

“He is very modern,” Simoes explains of the husband, who worked closely with the contractor, Oren Development, on the construction side. “And the pictures that were coming from his wife were more [about] light woods and organic touches.”

There were also three young children with whims to cater to and design needs of their own. Fortunately, blending divergent tastes is nothing new for Simoes and Colvin.

Once work got underway, part of the challenge the designers faced on the new floorplan from Toma Design Group’s architects was that they had to utilize a large entry space broken up by structural columns. “We didn’t want to have two living rooms together and then the dining over on the side,” explains Colvin. “So we made it an entryway and made it like a lobby or a lounge area. And we wanted it to be a circular seating area because you walk around it to go to the living room, dining room, and kitchen.” To satisfy the husband’s yen for something of-the-moment with the wife’s longing for soft edges, the design team brought in cushiony Husk armchairs from B&B Italia and a geometric light fixture by Vibia. “The chandelier is very clean and modern,” adds Simoes. “It makes quite a statement.”

The designers also managed to strike the perfect balance in the adjoining dining room, where a large concrete-topped table holds court amid upholstered barrel back chairs, sheer curtains, and a bulbous chandelier. To ensure the existing structural columns defining the space seemed intentional, the design crew installed black metal pillars on either end, then softened the scene with oak panels across the ceiling.

Along with keeping the floors uniform, opting to use only large-format tiles that resemble stone and oak panels, Simoes and Colvin incorporated vast millwork throughout, including myriad vertical niches and even bespoke panels behind the family room TV set. However, per the husband’s request, the home lacks traditional elements, including baseboards and trim for the lighting. Every door is flush. The wife had concerns that the finished result would be too minimalist, but Simoes reassured her with a promise to soften all that with the furnishings that would be incorporated later.

One area where the wife did not compromise in the least was the children’s bedrooms. For the youngest, a five-year-old boy, Simoes suggested they take his love for animals in an unexpected direction: “‘Instead of a zoo’, I said, ‘why don’t we do more of a camping-in-the-mountains theme?’ That’s when the headboard idea came up.” Because the oldest son loves sports, the  designers found a local manufacturer to customize glossy acrylic panels depicting a football player to cover an entire wall. And for the couple’s only daughter? A calm and serene suite with sophisticated shades of rose, gold, and plush textures.

The negotiations returned when it came time to tackle the primary suite. “The wife really wanted it to be very clean, very white, very soft,” says Simoes. “But, again, by incorporating the husband’s masculine, dark elements, we came up with the final palette and they loved it. We mixed smoked mirrors and soft cushions with the soft paneling headboard and some wood in between.” In the bedroom’s adjoining bath, large porcelain slabs and a dark wood base under the freestanding bathtub satisfied both parties.

As for the finished product? “When they all saw it, the kids jumped up and down, Mom was smiling, and Dad approved,” says Simoes. “It was a hit all around.”

 Story Credit: 

Interior Design by Rafaela Simoes & Laila Colvin, 2id Interiors, Hallandale Beach, FL

Architecture by Toma Design Group, Miami, FL

Text by Riki Altman-Yee

Photography Emilio Collavino, Miami Beach, FL

Open to see Interior Design Sources:


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