Brickell Flatiron Condo Showcases Out-of-the-Box Design

A savvy floor plan and unconventional furniture arrangements allow a space-challenged Miami condo to be everything its homeowner envisioned


For some designers, working with limited space is a challenge to overcome. For others, it’s an opportunity to embrace out-of-the-box thinking. Ivonne Ronderos of DKOR Interiors is very much in the latter category, and a recent commission at a condominium in the Brickell Flatiron tower in Miami put her organizational and layout skills to the test.

The 1,017-square-foot residence serves as the vacation getaway for a bachelor from North Carolina who turned to Ronderos and her team to deliver a distinct masculine pied-à-terre where he could entertain friends with small get-togethers and dinner parties.

“He was open to unconventional space planning that would be conducive to his lifestyle,” says Ronderos, “and he wanted to really monetize the space and make it comfortable when dining, hosting, and working from home. It needed to provide just the right mood for each of these functions.”

To ensure all the client’s needs were met, the DKOR crew implemented a number of features, starting with an unorthodox floor plan in the main living area of the condo. Here, in lieu of a formal dining room, a more practical dining area was achieved with the placement of two swivel chairs and a cocktail-height table in between the kitchen counter and the living room sectional. Direct track lighting complemented with LED bulbs within certain carpentry features creates layers of illumination to heighten the space without the need of ceiling work. This was particularly important to ensure the apartment’s rich autumn hues—copper, coffee, navy, and emerald—and its textured patterns of tweed, herringbone, plaid, and windowpane—did not make the unit appear smaller as darker colors and luscious materials sometimes tend to do. More space cutting measures were employed in the bedroom where the square footage was maximized by removing the doorway and adding a pocket door near the TV wall for a more seamless, subtle transition into the suite. 

“It was all about making the apartment look stunning, comfortable, and functional, with a unique vibe that you don’t always see in Miami,” says Ronderos. “We love when we have these types of challenges because it pushes us to create truly custom spaces.”

Story Credits: 

Text by Luis R. Rigual

Photography by Alexis Fodere

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