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    Schonbek is a luxury American lighting brand with a heritage of authentic European crystal chandeliers at its core. From its roots in Bohemia, the Schonbek family made its way to the United States to establish a new tradition of crystal lighting design. For over 150 years and five family generations, the Schonbek name has been synonymous with the highest-quality crystal lighting.

    We are driven by a passion for lighting that makes spaces come alive, styles that spark conversations and ions to treasure insert that are often passed on from generation to generation. From the beginning, your Schonbek fixtures insert undergo careful design, engineering, and manufacturing processes, including laser cutting, hand welding, hand finishing, and the painstaking hand pinning of each brilliant piece of crystal.

    For over 150 years, the Schonbek name has symbolized the epitome of opulence. Founded in Bohemia in 1870, and revered by the Hapsburg Empire, the Schonbek heritage is guild craftsmanship and the time-honored pursuit of perfection. Often passed down from generation to generation, each SCHONBEK SIGNATURE piece  is a masterpiece, artisanally finished and adorned with the finest crystal. Whether your discerning tastes live within regal classic nostalgia, or you surround yourself with modern art pieces, our SCHONBEK SIGNATURE Collection will transform your space and captivate for years to come.

    Continuing a 150-year heritage of craftsmanship and cutting-edge design, SCHONBEK BEYOND offers a stunning premium collection of all-LED luxury crystal luminaires. With a contemporary twist on exquisite traditional design, SCHONBEK BEYOND features modern, edgy motifs captured in fine, multifaceted crystal and a lustrous cavalcade of mixed metals that captivate the imagination. Groundbreaking LED technology provides dramatic illumination to highlight the luminaire’s distinctive silhouettes. Welcome to a new era of luxury.

    Jewelry for Your Home. FOREVER BY SCHONBEK is our most luxurious collection of crystal pendants, wall sconces and tabletop luminaires available today. Combining rich elements including sparkling Radiance Crystal, Swarovski Pearls, lustrous metallic finishes and other brilliant details, every jewelry-inspired piece is a unique work of art. Explore the many facets of Forever.

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