Liaigre, Inc

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    Over the last twenty-five years, Christian Liaigre has made himself known by his refined, high quality work. Through good use of space and light, basing his design on local cultures and traditions, choice of materials and a special love of art and crafts, Christian Liaigre has managed to combine certain modesty with great elegance. Interior architecture and design according to Liaigre, are far from fashion and trends but synonym to timelessness, calm beauty and subtle luxury. He believes that comfort does not lie in trivial affluence but in delicacy and rareness.

    This uniqueness became more and more apparent, marking his identity from the time he opened his first design studio in 1985, to his first showroom in 1987 at Rue de Varenne in Paris, right up to the launching of his brand name in London, Bangkok, New York and St Barthelemy.

    His mastery and perfectionism convinced a number of customers, some of them quite prominent, to entrust him with the interior design of their homes, which enabled his design studio to become well known internationally. Some of his most beautiful projects are featured in two books; the ‰ÛÏMaison Liaigre‰Û (Thames & Hudson) and åÇLiaigre åÈ in 2007 (Flammarion).

    The arrival of the Edmond de Rothschild Capital Partners Company in 2009, far from altering the company‰Ûªs image, aims to keep it thriving. The partner-ship‰Ûªs mission is to develop the brand internationally and strengthen the company‰Ûªs reputation, whilst remaining profoundly faithful to the essence of the company‰Ûªs identity. Reinforced by this union, the Maison Liaigre will continue to develop an exceptional craftsmanship in which dreams and beauty are embodied.

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