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    Kevin Box was a printmaker before becoming a sculptor. He grew up studying graphic art and design until receiving a grant to study Art History in Greece. That trip forever changed him as he returned determined to become a Fine Artist. He believed that the greatest stories ever told could be found in Art and dedicated his life to it. Kevin switched majors from Graphic Design to Fine Art. Printmaking, etching and embossing paper became more and more three dimensional until the paper itself began turning into sculpture. Sculpture was the most durable medium to engage in the conversation of art and art history but marrying the two was no easy task. Kevin spent three years apprenticing at fine art bronze foundries in order to develop the techniques of casting paper into metal that define his work today. In all of his work you can find a story, in the compositions and sometimes hidden in the title. He still begins every piece with a delicate piece of paper and a vision of its place in the History of Art.

    He is also the co-creator of OrigamiintheGarden, a stunning outdoor sculpture exhibition that captures the delicate nature of this paper art form in metals. Created by artists Jennifer and Kevin Box with origami artists Robert J. Lang, Michael G. LaFosse, Te Jui Fu, and Beth Johnson, this exhibition is currently traveling the nation.

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