Cat Tesla Fine Art

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    Cat Tesla is an international abstract artist known for creating contemporary paintings with vivid colors, expressive brushwork, and layered interpretations of nature. Tesla prefers to work on large, statement pieces that command attention. Think rich gorgeous colors, lyrical brushwork, and glossy translucent layers. Tesla’s paintings have been exhibited by prestigious galleries in the US and UK. They can also be found in over 300 corporate collections and nearly 1000 hospitals/clinics across the US. Tesla’s work is also owned by thousands of private collectors worldwide. Cat finds inspiration in the natural world – gardens, water, and sky. These organic moments are captured in Tesla’s bold, graphic compositions that draw viewers in from afar. Up close, subtle details and textures reward deeper appreciation. Tesla’s work aims to enliven any space with contemporary flair. You can find Cat Tesla’s current collections online and at shows like the Palm Beach Art Fairs, represented by Steidel Contemporary. Transform and energize your space with an original Tesla painting!

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