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    As a creative writer for many years, I approached each sentence as art. Descriptives, tenses, lyricism, alliteration—every aspect of my copy— was written, self-edited, rewritten and proofed multiples times until I felt complete. Fulfilled.

    Today, the Artist Barbara Silver approaches each canvas no differently. I incorporate in my work the essence of my being. Each and every brush stroke, color choice, marking and reference is a world within itself. Constantly pushing, reinventing, “erasing” and daring myself to go the distance until my canvas resonates with an image that has never existed before. Possibly will not exist again.

    Be it my Blues series or the Bolds, there are no rules. No restrictions or regulations. I have the freedom to invent color and form-driven images, to experiment with tools not of the trade—mops, squeegees, tape, charcoal—with a sense of daring and sheer exhilaration. To work on the floor of my studio, scraping and turning and embracing the canvas.

    I am captivated by every phase of painting and by every style: Asian calligraphy, abstract expressionism, graffiti markings, nontraditional shapes and Pollack splattering. The power to exhilarate, to entertain, to magically transform a space.

    Strictly abstract, historically irrelevant, and frequently unpredictable, the evolution of my work speaks to both a private or gallery setting.

    Simply stated, I have a passion for paint. Am so grateful….

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