Artist – Mark Pulliam

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  • Profile

    Pulliam studied drawing and painting at Brevard Community College and at The University of Central Florida. Pulliam was born in Cocoa, Florida and at the age of 22 he opened his first gallery.

    Today his paintings can be seen all over the world from presidential suites, resort lobbies and even the occasional film or television shows, and are on display in local galleries and galleries across the country.

    “I start with a concrete vision and begin several paintings at a time. I try to allow pattern or an image to flow and determine what happens next. As an artist, everything from color to a simple mark can create a new pattern from my original design. I actually love mistakes because it leads to spontaneity and positive energy within the work. Normally I keep my studio littered with photographs, torn paper, flecks of color and thoughts scribbled for later inspiration. For me it’s important for the viewer to find their own thought or story within my paintings; that way the experience becomes theirs.”

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