Retro Interiors

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    Interior Design is not just about furniture, color and texture, but what makes a your home unique. Our interior design services go well beyond helping our clients select the perfect piece for a room (although we do that, too).

    The Retro Interiors‰Ûª design process begins as we get to know each client. Once a client‰Ûªs lifestyle, passions and personal tastes are defined, our experienced team of interior designers can begin to transform your home into the perfect space for living. Our nationally recognized, award winning staff approaches every project with the same expertise that has made us one of the premier high-end interior design firms in South Florida.

    Our designers offer a comprehensive interior design approach during each phase of the process. Drawings, finishes, custom cabinetry, fabrics, furniture selections and accessories are merely elements in the equation. The most vital part of the design process is you. It’s our job to create interior design for you. We’ll make sure the end result embodies your taste and lifestyle. Whether you are building a new home, renovating an existing space or just looking for new furnishings, we can provide the inspiration that brings your dreams to life.

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