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    At Haifa Limestone, we import only the best limestone with the required density, ensuring unparalleled beauty and durability. We understand the possibilities of each individual limestone. If a company does not fully understand the materials, the corrective process can be extensive, complex, and expensive, so it’s important to choose the right company to avoid inferior stone and installation problems. We look forward to serving your needs today.

    Quality Limestone floors stand the test of time if maintained properly. Therefore, it’s important to use the right cleaning products. Here are a few helpful tips for maintaining your limestone’s beauty: be sure to avoid acid-based cleaning products; never use vinegar or bleach on a natural stone. It’s important to clean your limestone surface using a soft cloth or mop containing a pH neutral solution. Avoid harsh acid-based cleaners which are designed for ceramic and porcelain use.

    Are you dissatisfied with the look of your current stone flooring or countertops? Haifa Limestone can help with our restoration service. When it’s done right, you will have a new appreciation for the true beauty of your stone. Haifa Limestone does it the “Old World” way. By combining modern technology and on-site machining, honed floors can be polished, and polished floors can be honed. A loose floor can be fixed with our Inject-A-Floor system. Be sure to ask about our restoration service.

    Come see our new collection in our 10,000 ft. showroom which includes limestone that looks like Wenge (wen-gay) wood. We also have an entire collection of American Quarry limestone and are proud to be the Florida distributor for Indiana limestone, recycled Sea Glass Slabs and Italian Stone Glass. At Haifa Limestone, we don’t sell limestone as an afterthought – we specialize in limestone and offer many unique options, including a collection of limestone that’s freeze / thaw-proof, appropriate for cold climates. We’ll be glad to tell you more about any of our products.

    Come in and see the Haifa Stone and Glass Mosaic Collection, recycled glass, shell slabs and coral stones from around the world, perfect for flooring, cladding and pool decks. We also provide a custom design of mosaics in any color and finish. Want to add something truly special to your pool? Ask us about our beautiful, colorful glass mosaics, which can be installed on the water line or throughout the entire pool for a spectacular result. That’s right…other companies may only supply it, but Haifa Limestone installs and guarantees it. Discover the possibilities when you shop at Haifa Limestone.

    Add exotic beauty to your home with Italian travertine from Tuscany — the top quality travertine in the world, available here at Haifa Limestone. We also import lava stone from Sicily for a contemporary Polynesian look, as well as Caesar stone quartz, a beautiful and colorful product to create a stunning countertop. Stop by and see the brand-new Jordan River pebble collection in ten different colors for a Zen look that’s perfect for your bathroom, pool deck or cabana. We also have all types of coral available from around the world, including the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and right here in the US. We don’t carry just a few …we have them all! Let us bring beauty from around the world to your home or business.

    With the C & C carving machine at Haifa Limestone, we can carve any geometrical shape or pattern in any stone via water jet and 5 axis saws including your family crest! You’re only limited by your installation.

    Are you putting in a new addition and trying to match an existing terra cotta floor? With our experience and customization skills, we can do it so the addition looks like the original floor! Customization is our specialty at Haifa Limestone. We can also create a slip-resistant finish on any limestone that we carry, using a technique specific to your particular limestone. This is just one more area in which our extensive experience is critical. For all of your projects and product needs, visit Haifa Limestone’s three-acre complex at 1891 Old Okeechobee Road in West Palm Beach, Florida.

    Starting a project outside of Florida? At Haifa, we have no limitations to where our limestone product can be shipped. We have a vast portfolio of projects that we have supplied and installed throughout the lower 48 states, the Caribbean and Bermuda. Some of our exciting out-of-state projects are featured on our website blogs such as Big Horn, Wyoming; Buck Head, Georgia; Newport Beach, Rhode Island; Woodside, California; Sea Island, South Carolina; The Ritz Carlton in Hawaii; Park Avenue Manhattan; and the Hamptons. At Haifa, we don’t believe in borders… we believe in opportunities to expand our expertise.

    New at Haifa: We now have Italian Stone Glass slabs and tile. The only pure-white glass tile and slabs suitable for exterior installation, good for exterior cladding and pool deck hardscapes with a slip-resistant finish. The pure-white glass tile and slabs can also be used for interior installations, available in honed or polished. We also have stone-glass stocked in pure black slabs and tile, both hone and polished.

    Come see our Sculpture Garden featuring Michelangelo’s David, hand carved from Chauvigny French Limestone, standing 9’4”, an exact copy of the original masterpiece.

    If you are looking for a special fireplace in a specific stone, per your exact scale and dimensions with the finish you prefer, it’s a HAIFA Fireplace customized for you to create that center focal point in every great room.

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