Danielle DePerro Design, Inc.

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    Danielle DePerro is the president of D. DePerro Designs, Inc. a boutique design firm founded in 1995. A state licensed interior designer, her foundation was established with a Bachelor’s of Design from the University of Florida, College of Architecture. D. DePerro Design, Inc. has carved out an exclusive signature in the interior design profession. Specializing in residential design, the firm is known for discriminating taste, ability to express the individual style of each client and an extensive architectural background. D. DePerro Design, Inc has been featured in a variety of publications and achieved recognition with award winning projects throughout the east coast. Whether the project entails new construction or renovation of an existing structure, the firm has the flexibility to personally dovetail with each project. DePerro believes that successful interior design is achieved through capturing the true reflections of a client‰Ûªs life experience, vision and style.

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