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    Island Living & Patio is South Florida‰Ûªs leading luxury outdoor furnishing and design store. We carry only the finest luxury brands of outdoor furnishings, outdoor kitchens and outdoor accessories. Our featured designer brands include Brown Jordan, Gloster, Tommy Bahama, Lloyd Flanders, Telescope, Tucci, Firetainment and many more. When it comes to outdoor living areas, Island Living & Patio offers full complementary design and space planning services unlike any other furniture store. We understand your home is unique and our tailored design services insure your outdoor space is customized to your style, space and budget.

    Island Living & Patio‰Ûªs philosophy is simple ‰ÛÒ outdoor living should be fun, functional, cozy, exciting and ready for sharing and entertaining with family and friends. Visit our showroom today or online at

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