Falasiri Rugs

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    ‰ÛÏWhen a business begins with a personal collection, you are bound to get something remarkable!‰Û

    It is unusual for find one of the countries best collections of handmade rugs in the heart of Florida, but this place is full of surprises. A drive along U.S. 1 to Vero Beach, and you may chance upon a veritable treasure chest of woven art.

    Beginning in New York to the trade, the Falasiri‰Ûªs came to Florida over 40 years ago drawn by the relaxed lifestyle, and the huge expanse of sky and color. They brought their collection with them. They also brought their keen curatorial eyes and a passion for handwoven textile.

    Criss-crossing the globe has always been part of the mix, poking under every tent flap, into every bazaar corner, auction, and palace to find the best rugs in every category. For this reason they have the best selection of antique carpets in the East, and are among a handful in the United States.

    Their selection extends to new carpets as well. And there are so many! From traditional to transitional and contemporary, they have recently launched a line of carpets inspired by the Florida palette. Says owner, Jafar Falasiri,‰ÛCarpet weaving goes back milennia. The idea of owning something woven today, whose tradition reaches back to prehistoric times is pretty amazing!‰Û

    On the corner of 24th Street and U.S. One, in Vero Beach, Falasiri Oriental rugs, also provides cleaning, repair, restoration, åÊand appraisal services, as well as buy and sell carpets.

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