Out of the Blue Design Studio

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    Out of the Blue Design Studio designs and manufactures the highest quality unique lines of decorative hardware with the use of Studio Art Glass developed with over 55 distinguished glass artists from across the USA. With over 500 designs already existing, new designs are being added on a continual basis, as accomplished glass artists are hand-picked to add to the collection. Hundreds of different techniques, processes and artist’s secrets are utilized in the creation of all the unique Art Glass designs we offer. The doorknobs are tailored to fit the Baldwinå¨ Estate and Images Collections‰ã¢ of door locks, commonly found in exclusive custom homes. The shower door knobs can be made to match the doorknobs and cabinet knobs to offer a complete matching suite for the bath. The cabinet knobs are available in a multitude of designs and in every color of an artist‰Ûªs palette. Out of the Blue Design Studio has broadened its beautiful lines of Art Glass decorative hardware by introducing a new line of lit front door handles utilizing cutting edge color changing LED technology. Custom commissions are welcomed.

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