D.L. Steiner

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    From its inception seven years ago, State of the Arts Gallery has become the source for collectors acquiring contemporary fine art created by Sarasota artists. The gallery has spotlighted professional, local career artists residing in the Sarasota.

    The Sarasota community abounds with visual artists that have dedicated their careers to creating fine art, adding to Sarasota‰Ûªs cultural ‰Ûcanvas.‰Û

    The gallery‰Ûªs collection of artists represents accomplished artists whose careers span up to 50 years. The gallery is honored to represent these visual arts iconoclasts of Sarasota.

    The gallery‰Ûªs owners David Steiner and Tre Michel are partners in marriage and in the gallery and are truly passionate about both. Their philosophy concerning collecting art is based on a simple mantra, ‰ÛÏWe do not sell art, it sells itself.‰Û For this reason the gallery space is inviting and engaging. Whether you are a seasoned collector or a Ringling college student, the space offers inspiration. The gallery has recently expanded to include double the original space. The original space is a classic ‰ÛÏwhite box‰Û gallery setting, while the new space is a more esoteric art lounge with black gloss floors and 15 footfloor to ceiling cream draperies.

    The art lounge includes a large selection of art books to peruse while taking in the art. Due to the expansive volume of space, the gallery collection includes many large-scale paintings, which range up to 10‰Ûª square. The artists represented produce art in all imaginable mediums Including paintings, mixed media on paper, collages, metal, wood and stone sculpture, as well as some innovative mediums which are ‰ÛÏoutside of the box.‰Û Located on State Street in the center of Sarasota‰Ûªs historic downtown district, the gallery aims to be an anchor in the arts and culture community.

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