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    Trade Mark Interiors, Inc. is a full service interior design firm, specializing in luxury home interiors. Tracee M. Bomberger, ASID, one of Southwest Florida‰Ûªs most prominent interior designers, provides services to luxury homeowners throughout the Sarasota area. Trade Mark Interiors is the only Southwest Florida firm that offers Interior Value Assessments (IVAs), helping residents to gain and maintain the highest value of their home. Tracee is a professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers and she is the region‰Ûªs only interior designer who serves as a consultant to a nationally franchised painting company, an outdoor living firm, and Benjamin Moore‰Ûªs Color Advisory Board. She provides services ranging from a simple paint color consultation to a complete home renovation. Please visit Trade Mark Interiors web site to view the complete list of services! To have Tracee help you with your design project – or hear about Trade Mark Interiors full range of services ‰ÛÒ contact her at 941-228-6574, or visit her website at

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