JKL Design Group,Inc

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    JKL Design Group is a trend setting Florida design Firm producing exquisitely designed interiors for the luxury lifestyle. With an impressive client list and world wide work guided by integrity and a sincere passion to provide every customer we serve with a unique and memorable interior and exterior masterpiece. All of JKL projects share a classical sensibility that comes alive with an individual mix of modern and traditional furnishings. JKL collaborates with the best artists and architects to create the unique atmospheres that exemplify a point-of-view, while leaving the undeniable imprint of each of our clients and collaborators.

    Celebrated in numerous national and local publication because of an innovative approach through the creative use of space, light, color and textures, and our unique blend of talents and experienced staff, We look forward to turning your home, commercial property or business into a modern day work of art.

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