John Cannon Homes

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  • Profile

    At John Cannon Homes, subcontractors, architectural designers, interior designers and sales and marketing specialists work together to offer clients a congruent experience throughout the process of creating their custom homes.

    The Cannon Homes experience is one that is tailored to each client‰Ûªs unique wants and needs. From clean-sheet designs to modifications on existing model homes or renovations of their current residences, clients work with the Cannon Homes team from start to finish, enjoying the convenience of an all-inclusive process.

    An on-site design center features high-end appliances, fixtures, finishes and materials used throughout each home. A beautifully-appointed showroom allows clients to maintain a sense of cohesiveness and consistency, both in the process of designing and in the finished product itself.

    Our in-house architectural designers understand how to create homes that really work. We make it easy for our clients to put together a complete home, and maintain a commitment to investing in fine materials and products that are sustainable.

    John Cannon‰Ûªs signature is subtle, indefinable. There‰Ûªs a certain sense of massing and proportion, an element of symmetry that maintains balance and harmony throughout each residence. Rich colors enhance the visual appeal of high-quality materials, adding a sense of luxury within every home. And details, from the depth of a niche to the curve of an arch, are always complementary.

    Located in Sarasota, Florida John Cannon Homes builds in upscale and luxury communities throughout Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte, Pasco and Hillsborough counties, combining cutting-edge elements and trends with classic designs.

    John Cannon Homes, Inc.
    6710 Professional Parkway West, Suite 100
    Sarasota, Florida 34240


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