Omicron Granite

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    Omicron Granite & Tile is a privately owned company with fourteen showrooms and indoor warehouses in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Orange, Duval, Bay, Hillsborough, Lee, Collier, Brevard and Sarasota counties in Florida, Jefferson Parish in Louisiana, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, and our newest location in Mobile, Alabama.

    At Omicron Granite & Tile, we pride ourselves on the reputation we have earned for excellence in customer service. Every associate places our customers‰Ûª needs as their #1 priority.

    Our design colleagues include interior designers, kitchen and bath designers, builders, general contractors, fabricators, cabinet companies and architects. We also welcome homeowners to browse our vast selections alone, or in conjunction with their design team.

    Our specialties are threefold:
    Omicron Granite imports the finest natural and man-made Caesarstoneå¨, Neolith and Geos slabs from around the world, showcased in our indoor warehouses. We offer the largest selection at the most competitive wholesale pricing. Our Stone Specialists will assist you in finding the ideal stone to enhance your design project based on functionality and your color scheme. Choose your slab and we‰Ûªll deliver it right to your fabricator.
    You will find showrooms filled with products for stone flooring, backsplash materials, sinks, faucets, and accessories in all colors, shapes and sizes from over 73 manufacturers. And, if what you‰Ûªre looking for is not shown, look through our catalogues and we‰Ûªll be happy to order it.
    We provide a complete line of tools and supplies for fabricators. We even deliver. To learn more about how Omicron Granite & Tile in Florida, Louisiana, Alabama and Ohio can help you with all your stone, plumbing fixtures or fabrication tools, contact us today!

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