Hot Sands Glass

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    Hot Sands Glass is the Art of Lyn Gentry. Lyn’s private home studio is located on the great gulf coast in beautiful Perdido Key, Florida.

    When the studio art glass movement began on the west coast in the mid eighties, Lyn was there. Art glass techniques were emerging to make glass a part of our every day lives. Her tour through life with glass has taken her all over the world. She has been to the furnaces in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, the island of Murano, Italy and the Czech Republic. She studied design and technique in San Francisco, California with the founder of light paintings, Narcissus Quagliata. Lyn’s future was fused as the limits of line and color melted away leaving a clear glass canvas. From this canvas Lyn has perfected her own “Light Paintings” with a unique technique that illuminates in her soaring 3-D glass murals.

    Join the list of prestigous Hot Sands Glass Collectors. Imagine your residential or commercial space illuminated in the glass of Lyn’s creation.

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