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    ‰ÛÏWhile many successful design firms have established a signature look, I am extremely proud of the fact that my firm has built a reputation for understanding and integrating the individual style of each client,‰Û interior designer Mark Rash, of Mark Rash Interiors, says. ‰ÛÏBy getting to know every client on a personal basis, I learn what makes them tick, what they appreciate and, most importantly, how they wish to live in their homes. If someone walks into one of my projects and says, ‰Û÷Oh, Mark Rash designed your home,‰Ûª I have failed as a designer. As a firm, we listen to the needs, wants and desires of our clients. When you see a home designed by Mark Rash Interiors, you are seeing collaboration between myself and the person for whom the house is most important ‰ÛÓ my client.‰Û

    From coast to coast, Mark Rash is recognized as a leader in the field of interior design, and he has been creating select interiors throughout the United States since 1987. His award-winning projects have been featured in numerous local, national and international publications.

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