Joan Pletcher Realtor

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    When it comes to buying or selling your property, you can place your trust in Joan Pletcher Realtor. Not only has she outsold any other with $65 million in the past 3 years, she is also a multifaceted agent representing high-end estates, horse farms, training centers, land development and commercial properties.

    She is successful because she genuinely loves what she does ‰ÛÓ her idea of true happiness ‰ÛÓ and she truly cares about the people she works with and the properties she represents. She is driven putting people with the right properties and finding the right buyers for her listings. It is not just a job, but a passion.

    Pletcher is proudest when she witnesses people really happy with what they got. To Pletcher, Marion County is the ideal place to sell real estate because it has so much to offer her clients ‰ÛÓ a beautiful, warm and friendly place that makes her job ‰ÛÏvery easy.‰Û

    It was thoroughbreds that brought her to Ocala from her native Little Rock, Arkansas in 1985. Her father who was a builder/developer raised his children around horses nurturing her love for them. She also developed a love for land and entered real estate in 1973 acquiring her Texas, Arkansas and Florida licenses.

    Pletcher is unlike other Realtors and brings special skills to the table, such as her knowledge of land and its potential and her eye for design for how a person can adapt a property to meet the best of their needs.

    When you work with Pletcher what would become most apparent is her dedication.
    She goes above and beyond to meet her clients‰Ûª satisfaction, whether it is helping a client find a mover or get acclimated to Ocala so they are happy with their decision.

    Her personal motto is to treat others as she likes to be treated, for at the end of the day integrity is all you have.

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