Nest Casa

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    Surround yourself in beauty and originality as Sara Colombo personally invites you to come home to NEST, Miami’s showplace for fine European furnishings and dÌ©cor.

    It was in 2008 that Sara decided to share her love for aesthetics, travel and collecting global wares by founding a full-service, yet entirely original, home and design store. The 2,200-square foot, two-story treasure trove on South Beach’s famous and fashionable Lincoln Road takes design to new heights.

    With a vast inventory that covers every category, as well as custom and vintage, NEST attracts top interior designers and homeowners who are seeking high-quality, superior pieces not found anywhere else. In demand by leading interior designers and their clients, NEST has become known as a one-of-a-kind design leader for its fine artistry in custom upholstery, custom finishes, custom sizes and its ability to fulfill highly specialized, individual requests.

    A professional and knowledgeable staff is versed in each step of the design process. To accommodate its international clientele, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and English speakers are on staff.

    With a main showroom, nearby warehouse and online store, NEST has a vast inventory that ensures merchandise is available immediately. Unlike big-box chain stores, the store’s unparalleled selection is ever changing to ensure a diverse array of items that are personally chosen and sourced.

    Offering a wide range of fine European goods, including Missoni Home, the shop has garnered a reputation as one of Miami’s pre-eminent style icons for home furnishings and dÌ©cor.

    Visit NEST on the web or in person at 1020 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach. Call us at 305.672.9611.

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